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For What It's Worth

For What It’s Worth was initiated in 1997 as a monthly publication of Brounes & Associates, a business consulting firm located in Houston, Texas.  Initially, it was intended as a marketing piece that shared some of Ron Brounes’ (that’s me) personal life observations with (an often nonsensical) segue into general business advice for clients and prospects.  It was well received by its recipients (who always seemed more enthusiastic about the “keen” observations than the “practical” advice).

As time passed, my mindless rants and ramblings about sports, politics, dating, and life in general became far more prevalent in these pieces.  Typically they were sarcastic and humorous in tone (subject to debate), though I occasionally took on some of the more serious topics of the day.  In addition to a business newsletter, they began to serve as a way to stay in touch with my friends, family, business associates, ex-classmates, and any other knucklehead (you know who you are) who found their way onto the mailing list.  In reality, For What It’s Worth was a blog before there were blogs (though I’m still not entirely sure what a blog even is). 

Today, the pieces are distributed far less frequently, much to the chagrin of those loyal readers (thanks, Mom), though more newsletters are planned for the near future.  This web site will serve to consolidate all of the past and future issues in one place so that interested parties can review their favorites and maybe even learn a little something in the process (not very likely).  So enjoy and feel free to share feedback, comments, or suggestions for future issues.

And if you prefer some more "substantive" (matter of opinion) writings, check out some past business articles I've composed for the financial press through the years (click here).


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