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Strategic Planning

Brounes & Associates interacts regularly with financial clients through personal meetings, conference calls, and surveys to discuss and analyze relevant wealth management and economic topics.  Such interactions allow these professionals to detail the unique needs of their practices and share strategic planning ideas.  We often compile the results of these contacts (when approved by clients) into a “Best Practices” summary as a means of informing others about what successful professionals are doing to build their businesses. 

Brounes & Associates offers individual or firm “Business Coaching” opportunities that help professionals develop and implement an action plan to grow their practices.  These presentations and interpersonal interactions target new financial professionals just starting out in the business or experienced advisors who may need “to take a step back” and let an objective source evaluate their practices and make suggestions moving forward. 

  • Ongoing Client Interaction

  •  “Best Practices” Insight and Summaries

  • Business Coaching




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