“Me, Me, Me”  

Issue 38

By:  Ron Brounes  

 June 2000


Well, it’s that time of year again when I try to convey to my “loyal” readers just what it is that I do for a living.  Those of you who already know (or really don’t care) can quit reading now.  (OK Mom, here goes.)  Actually, Brounes & Associates recently celebrated its three year anniversary in April, but I had been in a “stalking” mode and was unable to produce the annual “self-promotional” newsletter.  (See last month’s “FWIW.”)  Eunice may have been the  inspiration for this newsletter as well.  In our initial conversation, she asked about my profession.  I’m sure she was hoping for a brief but impressive answer like doctor, lawyer, or CEO of a high flying Internet startup with an inflated valuation and no earnings prospects for years down the road.  Instead she got about an hour’s worth of babble and nonsensical gibberish that repeatedly intertwined the terms “business consulting,” “financial analyst,” “technical writer,” “public relations,” “marketing,” “investments,” and a few more seemingly unrelated descriptions.  (Any wonder my calls, emails, and letters have not been returned?)  


Right then it hit me; even I don’t seem to know what I do.  While I pride myself in assisting clients to market themselves, their companies, and their business expertise to their clients and prospects, I have done a pretty lousy job of doing it for myself.  Whenever someone new inquires about my company, my answer is typically quite different than the one I gave the time before.  Sometimes, I’m a business consultant; other times, I’m in PR; occasionally, I’m an investment strategist.  (Last week at a bar, I was a neurosurgeon, but that was a different kind of networking.)   Needless to say, I have stressed over and over again to clients about the importance of consistency in delivering their messages. And yet, I am “consistently inconsistent” in my responses.  Still, somehow, I manage to keep busy with assorted projects for a diverse set of clients. 




For the past three years now, Brounes & Associates has been offering quality (I hope) consulting services on a variety of business topics to all who inquire (and even some unsolicited advice to those who haven’t).  Since my academic and professional background has been in the investment area, much of my work has been outsourced from the financial services industry. I have also performed many projects for attorneys who specialize in business practices.  I obtained an MBA in investment finance and have earned both my CPA and general securities’ licenses.


I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about the economy, Fed policy, and the impact on the securities markets, both fixed income and equity.  Once upon a time, I was a CPA with “Big 8” experience, so I am also familiar with certain financial planning techniques and the accounting implications. (My old Arthur Andersen supervisors may dispute this claim.) In my “humble” opinion, my strongest skill lies in my ability to write about complex business topics in an easy to understand (and often entertaining) manner.  Hopefully, the reader becomes better educated and informed about these issues.  At the very least, I hope they get a chuckle or two out of these writings (in the case of my “FWIW” newsletters).




I have helped clients compose technical articles about timely business issues and placed those pieces in appropriate trade periodicals. I have produced periodic newsletters on their behalf that are distributed to their clients and prospects to keep them abreast of company and industry developments. I have structured large scale presentations that are delivered at board meetings or even at large industry conferences. I have written speeches (for clients and myself) that have been presented at various business or community minded affairs.  I have developed business plans for startups and seasoned companies in need of financing.  I have provided technical content for web sites on the Internet, a medium that will grow as an ideal environment to educate. I have even performed detailed financial analysis regarding investments and other financial planning strategies, a service no public relations firm offers.


Generally, I do NOT enjoy performing the more generic marketing/public relations functions.  Nor am I skilled at graphics design or web site development. While I have composed text for promotional brochures, press releases, and company announcements, there are professionals far better suited for these important tasks. My background is not in communications, advertising, or journalism, but rather in business.  However, while I realize that many others may be able to write better and more grammatically correct than me (is that grammatically correct?), I think I understand business issues pretty well and can translate that knowledge into clear and concise text that can serve to educate and inform.  On that note, I have developed several referral relationships with public relations professionals. 




I understand that your time and energies in the workplace are extremely valuable.  Many of you bill by the hour or work on a commission basis; others are simply so consumed in client service and administrative issues that certain desirable projects can’t help but be put on the backburner.  I would never pretend to understand your business as well as you, but do believe that my knowledge and experiences enable me to assist you in performing certain tasks that you may not otherwise find time for. I can even help brainstorm about the applicable strategies and most appropriate messages based on current affairs and/or company developments. Published articles, speeches, and presentations educate your clients and prospects about certain complex business issues, while promoting you (the bylined author) as the expert in the area.  Periodic newsletters relay company and industry developments like financial performance or changes in the tax code.  If nothing more, they serve to keep your name in front of your desired audience.  Or in my case, they allow you guys to keep up with my overbearing “stalking” techniques and my ongoing search for true happiness. Eunice…are you still reading?  (I should have told her I was a neurosurgeon.) 


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FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH is a publication of Brounes & Associates focusing on business marketing and general communications strategies. Please call Ron Brounes at 713-432-1910 for additional information. Despite the self-promotional content, I hope you now have a better idea about what I do.  (I’m actually more confused.)  If not, I will try again in the April 2001 issue (assuming I’m not still stalking).